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The Magazine: December 2008 (Vol. 78, No. 4)
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December 2008 (Vol. 78, No. 4)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Taxpayers may be in double jeopardy?
• Don't ask; won't tell...
• By the numbers...

by Staff
Mining Journal Contest
How much is that old Mining Journal worth?
by Scott Harn
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Election impact
• New Washington State small-scale regulations
by Scott Harn
Bullion River's French Gulch Gold Mine
A gold button from Bullion River's French Gulch gold mineBullion River’s high-grade gold mine at French Gulch, near Redding, California, may be in some ways the last of the Mohicans, or perhaps it is the first of the great revival, but for the near term it is probably destined to be a little bit of both.
by Chris Ralph
Montana Tunnels Gets Final OK
Operators of the Montana Tunnels mine about 25 miles south of Helena have final approval to expand it.
by Associated Press
Reading A River: Finding The Paystreaks—Part I
Gold will be concentrated behind large boulders like this one during flooding or high water.How to read a river to find gold: The exact point where you choose to dig for gold makes a big difference because the placer gold deposits formed in rivers and streams are anything but uniform—some parts are rich in gold...
by Chris Ralph
Gold Miners Hunker Down Amid Financial Storm
North American mining companies are hunkering down to ride out a global economic slowdown; looking to rein in spending and perhaps delay some projects and exploration.
by Sandy Shore
Lluvia de Oro—A Shower of Gold Awaiting Development in the Sierra Madre—Part II
Remains of the Tubares Mission, Mexico.Superintendent Tom Phillips soon returned to the mines with fellow worker Thomas J. Findlay, and began repair work. Phillips had already determined that the machinery had been operated at various times by armed forces...
by Steve Wilson
From Hand Sluice to Dredge
Gold prospecting in Virginia: Like most prospecting greenhorns, I entered the gold prospecting hobby with a pan, a shovel and a hand sluice. It was January 2007, and I had just stumbled upon the hobby of gold prospecting while researching...
by David Shackleton
Melman on Gold & Silver (2008 Year in Review)
Melman article chart.Our December issue is when we take a look backward at the year nearing completion, and this year is no exception. When we do look backward over the past eleven months, all we can say is, “What a year this has been!” And that isn’t meant in a positive...
by Leonard Melman
Chavez Eyes Venezuela’s Largest Gold Mine
Venezuela announced plans to take over the nation’s largest gold mine, operated by Canada’s Crystallex International Corp., as President Hugo Chavez gradually brings mining operations under state control.
by Associated Press
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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