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The Magazine: January 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 05)
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January 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 05)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Just because it looks American, doesn’t mean it is…
• Attempted hacking by Homeland Security?
• 37% more than they counted on…
• The high price of wind power
by Staff
Ask The Experts
Could you expand on your previous blasting article?
by Chris Ralph
Ask The Experts
Equipment to break up heavy clay
by Chris Ralph
Ask The Experts
“Energy” coming from black sand?
by Chris Ralph
Ask The Experts
Assay problem or recovery problem?
by Chris Ralph
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Trump cabinet forming
• Last minute regulations
• California suction dredging
by Scott Harn
Detecting Strategies for Heavily Forested Areas—Part II
Patience and persistence is the name of the game when you are detecting this way for gold, as you will have to do a lot of work preparing the ground to detect with any degree of success.
by Reese Townes
The Winning Hand
The operation and techniques employed are highly successful in producing free gold with minimal work involved while maintaining an environment protection process through the use of recycled water and a settling pond.
by Tom Leftwich
Early Winter Detecting in the Sierras
The mine site consists of river gravels from an ancient channel covering over 20 acres, and the place is covered with very large river rock and small tree overgrowth.
by Jack Geck
Gangue Minerals - What Do They Tell Us?
There are a large number of different kinds of gangue minerals, and each of them has its own tale to contribute to the story of the chemistry and geology of a deposit.
by Chris Ralph
Mining Districts in Montana Get Organized
Those miners present immediately recognized the benefits of becoming members of MMAC and joined up on the spot. I spent some time answering a few questions, and then the miners took over.
by Scott Harn
Feds Deny Lease Renewals for Minnesota Mine
Two longstanding mineral rights leases that are critical for a proposed large underground copper-nickel mine upstream from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northeastern Minnesota will not be renewed, two federal agencies announced…
by Associated Press
Obama Administration Moves to Block Mining Near Yellowstone
Republicans and industry representatives have criticized the administration’s eleventh-hour actions to limit development and promised to seek their reversal once Obama leaves office.
by Associated Press
That First Nugget
After getting all the gear together we headed up the old road that led us to an old ground sluice site. George and Kaleb were using lightweight VLF (very low frequency) detectors. I carried a newer technology unit that is just a tad coil-heavy in the front.
by Ray Mills
The Perfect Response
In May, 2016, the Andersons received a letter from Steve Niemela at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife requesting access to their property to conduct surveys for “foothill yellow-legged frogs and other amphibians.”
by Scott Harn
MMAC Update
We will be bringing the first of several bills that were requested by Congress during a previous MMAC trip and presenting maps depicting all the MMAC-assisted Mining Districts.
by Scott Harn
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Melman on Gold & Silver
One area receiving huge attention is the promised ascension of free market concepts associated with Trump versus the government-dominated Keynesian ideas previously advocated by both President Obama and Hillary Clinton.
by Leonard Melman

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