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The Magazine: November 2016 (Vol. 86, No. 03)
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November 2016 (Vol. 86, No. 03)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
By the numbers, election edition
by Staff
Our Readers Say
The coming election...
by Kenneth Anderson
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Oregon proposed withdrawal
• Vote
by Scott Harn
Detecting: Small Creek Yields Good Gold
Most of our gold recoveries have been in the cracks of the bedrock. Hot rocks in the form of dikes cross the creek at various locations, causing us to skip those areas.
by Jack Geck
Ask The Experts
Is this BLM demand legitimate?
by Chris Ralph
The Challenge of Winter Dredging
Dredges actually do pretty well in freezing conditions. There are a few tips you should know, however.
by Steve Herschbach
What Have You Got to Lose?
It’s accepted knowledge that wet methods will recover more fine gold than dry methods and processing the gravel as a whole will get more gold than only using a metal detector. The question is how much more?
by Chris Ralph
MMAC Update
Within these districts, some of the roads and trails have been reopened for access, critical habitat designations have been scaled back, and a few Mining Districts were completely removed from proposed withdrawals.
by Scott Harn
How to Upgrade Your Pocket Plunger
These three simple upgrades, when taken together, will considerably increase a pocket plunger’s magnetic pull and make it less susceptible to breakage.
by Don Madore
Glaciers and Placer Gold Deposits
It also happens sometimes that glaciers will bury valuable placer deposits. This occurs when the glacier goes over the top of an existing placer deposit.
by Chris Ralph
What's In A Name?
The names attached to these areas came about from many sources. Many are easy to see why the name was given while others had a more contrasting note to them.
by Ray Mills
Oregon Miners Still Fighting
On October 19, 2015, the Waldo and Galice Mining Districts (of SW Oregon), along with several Oregon mining organizations and individuals, filed a Complaint in the United States District Court in Medford…
by Tom Kitchar
Greenhorn Finds Gold in Colorado
Using a snuffer bottle to pick it out of the pan, he continued his panning efforts. He continued to find more yellowish stuff, but it wasn’t shiny like he thought gold should look.
by Ron Kliewer
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Melman on Gold & Silver
On a similar vein, while the number of new non-farm jobs created rose by a modest 156,000 in September, it must be pointed out that Goods Production Payrolls rose by only 10,000 jobs while much lower paying service jobs accounted for the other 146,000.
by Leonard Melman

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