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The Magazine: July 2014 (Vol. 83, No. 11)
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July 2014 (Vol. 83, No. 11)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• The dog ate my homework
• Boating in Afghanistan?

by Scott Harn
A Return to Silver City, Idaho
...we were able to pull out close to another 3+ ounces of small, angular Silver City gold. This also included several more small nuggets, pieces of wire gold and some quartz-gold pieces—not bad for 4 days with a small sluice.
by Alan J. Chenworth
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Settlement hearings
• Fighting back
by Scott Harn
Ask the Experts
What to do with black sands
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Bacterial gold
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Can I treat a sample with muriatic acid?
by Chris Ralph
Swing and a Miss
A very good baseball hitter might get a hit roughly one time out of every three at-bats, but for prospectors often the results are much sparser and it may take many trips before the prospector hits a home run.
by Chris Ralph
Miners Fight Back Against Road Closures
In the meeting, we presented Ms. Skalski with the various court cases from the 9th Circuit Court on these settled law cases and she was mortified.
by Shannon Poe
The Giant King Mine
Most gold-bearing veins in this region are controlled by fractures associated with the Melones Fault, a late Cretaceous structure that is 108 to 127 million years old.
by W. Dan Hausel
BLM Flexes Its Muscles in Quartzsite
Somehow the Bureau of Land Management seems to have forgotten that they work for the people.
by Jane Alene Boyles
Over the Divide
Charles L. Butler
1920 - 2014
by Staff
Romancing the Lens
...a large number of these aspiring miners developing their operations seemed to have missed "Placer Mining 101" somewhere along the way.
by Robert Flounders
Gold Recovery with Centrifugal Bowls
Centrifugal bowls are very efficient, and with proper operation they can consistently achieve gold recoveries above 95% with gold of about 50 mesh size.
by Chris Ralph
Mining on the Comstock Lode
Even with the decades of mining and exploration, much of the Comstock is still underdeveloped and its potential not fully tapped.
by Alex Dolbeare
Want to Go to Australia?
Every year there are large nuggets found by the diligent, and occasionally by the lucky newbie.
by Fred Mason
Representative Manweller Lends a Hand in Washington State
We're done watching as an unelected and unchecked bureaucracy, with rule-making authority, enforcement powers, and seemingly bottomless budgets abuses citizens at will.
by Scott Harn
Melman on Gold & Silver
Although there is no direct connection between the price of lumber and the precious metals, there is an important indirect one due to the importance of the housing market to overall economic activity.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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