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The Magazine: May 2014 (Vol. 83, No. 9)
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May 2014 (Vol. 83, No. 9)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Three strikes and you're out!
• Your share of the National Debt
• April 15 wasn't just the deadline for taxpayers

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Bill to address Forest Service Travel Management restrictions
• Suction gold dredging challenge finally under way
• EPA nullification bill fails in Idaho
• Another bad bill
by Scott Harn
Ask the Experts
How do mines and refiners deal with doré bars?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Gold and silver in Pennsylvania
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Setting up a gravity dredge
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Sampling and mining a historic mining claim
by Chris Ralph
Our Readers Say
I really learned a lot from your step-by-step presentation and our "hands-on" observation of all the steps involved in mining...
by Staff
Gold Prospecting in Gatesville, Indiana
Gatesville is not the only place to find easy public access for gold prospecting opportunities in Central Indiana.
by Alex Dolbeare
Finding Gold with a VLF Detector—Part II
It is this ability to hear and respond to the faintest of audio signals that I believe separates the best nugget hunters from everyone else.
by Steve Herschbach
Cliven Bundy vs. BLM
...was all this about grazing fees and the desert tortoise, or something more?
by Scott Harn
Critical Metals: Zinc
In this article, part of an ongoing series taking a look at critical metals in our economy, we will examine the mining and use of the metal zinc.
by Chris Ralph
Gold Prospecting & Mining Summit Exceeds Expectations
Brian...had cleared off some virgin, gold-bearing bedrock areas prior to our arrival, so everyone had ample opportunity to find and take home some gold.
by Scott Harn
Legitimately Reducing Business Vehicle Costs
When it comes to the expense of using a car, van, pickup or panel truck for business purposes, they can be deducted by the operation as 'transportation" expenses.
by Mark E. Battersby
Search Coils and Techniques
This article is intended to try to help someone who is breaking into gold detecting and using a pulse induction (PI) detector.
by Ray Mills
Round Mountain, Nevada
There are a number of veins in the disseminated mineralization, but the principle ones on Round Mountain are known as the Los Gazabo and the Keane.
by Chris Ralph
Melman on Gold & Silver
I believe that the continual imposition of Leftist concepts on an already economically overburdened world is a recipe for some future economic catastrophe...
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Scouts New Mining in Society Badge
...it's very refreshing to hear that some of our youth will learn of the value of mining without all the environmental spin.
by Scott Harn

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