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The Magazine: February 2014 (Vol. 83, No. 6)
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February 2014 (Vol. 83, No. 6)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• The dirty truth about clean energy
• By the numbers

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Not so happy birthday
• Even more support for the PLP
by Scott Harn
Ask the Experts
Shaker tables and jigs
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Marketing other minerals recovered while gold mining
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Email scams
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
What is the ceramic-like material embedded with gold?
by Chris Ralph
Our Readers Say
• Prospecting for Diamonds in Kimberlite by W. Dan Hausel
• Miners referring to their activity as “recreational”

by Staff
The Perfect Summer
Within the first 3 hours he and I had found pocket after pocket of gold and couldn't wait to tell Levi of our treasure.
by Kimmy Kurta
Eolian Gold Deposits
Prospectors who specialize in electronic detecting for nuggets in desert areas are especially interested in this type of deposit, as it yields nuggets that are close to the surface of the ground...
by Chris Ralph
SB 838 and the Future of Mining in Oregon
The verbage is SB 838 is vague and ambiguous to say the least. As a result, there is quite a bit of misinformation floating around the rumor mills.
by Walt Evens
Copper Deposits of Alaska
Only the famous Kennecott copper mine was able to continue operating through the Depression owing to the exceptional richness of its ore.
by Steve Herschbach
Divide and Conquer—Detecting Old Placer Grounds with Friends
He no sooner had turned around and started moving when I hollered again that I had another nice one.
by Ray Mills
Reserves and Resources Explained
Reservers and resources are very important to prospectors and miners, but they may be vague terms to some.
by Jim Halloran
Critical Metals: Lithium
Prospecting for lithium deposits can take a number of different directions, because this metal can be extracted from a variety of geologically differnet sources.
by Chris Ralph
Coprolite—A Prospector's Tale
Gold nuggets come in all forms, but I never expected that dinosaur nuggets would too, and at a decent price.
by David C. Freitag
New Mining Regulations in Maine
Renewed interest in mining of gold, silver, copper and other metals in Aroostook County's Bald Mountain triggered 2012 legislation requiring the overhaul of the state's two-decade-old mining regulations.
by Associated Press
Comstock Mining Gets Approval
The approval, which affects 87 acres on the south end of Silver City, allows the company to move forward with exploration to determine the area's mining potential.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
...as a holder of contrarian points of view, I am somewhat delighted to see the recent enormous surge in published negative commentaries regarding gold's future.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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