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The Magazine: August 1999 (Vol. 68, No. 12)
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August 1999 (Vol. 68, No. 12)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Feds broke own 'controlled' burn rules...
• Suprise, surprise...
• A moving experience...
• Oh, woe is me...

by Kenneth Harn
Our Readers Say
• "...just about more than I can stand."
• "I hope you can answer my number one question..."
• "...I still go out and mine a little at my old stompin' grounds in Siskiyou County..."
• "...New Prospecting Club in the Southeast."
• "...9 ounces...in two weeks."
• "...It's no secret..."

by Staff
New Oregon Mining Legislation Friendly to Small Miner
Oregon Independent Miners president, John Holleman, has advised ICMJ that legislation important to the Oregon small miner, sponsored by his organization, has been signed into law.
by Kenneth Harn
Cutbacks at S. African Mines—Britain Blamed
South African gold miners are turning their anger towards Britain, charging that the sale of 25 tons of gold by the Bank of England has depressed gold prices and put them out of work.
by Associated Press
BLM Reports That 'Mining' Brings Most Public Reward
A report from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) titled "Public Rewards from Public Lands—Fiscal 1998", shows that minerals production is the largest income producer for the federal government on BLM-managed lands.
by Associated Press
Long-Term Camping Plan at Fortymile Proposed by BLM
A draft environmental assessment of a proposal to allow long-term camping by gold miners along 21 miles of the North Fork of the Fortymile Wild and Scenic River is available from the Bureau of Land Management.
by Associated Press
"No Gold Sales" Says Nevada Senator
Senator Richard Bryan (D-NV) is assuring gold producers in Nevada and around the world that Congress will block the Clinton administration's attempt to sell off international gold reserves to help some debt-laden poor countries.
by Associated Press
Panel Cuts Park Monies, Eases Mining Restrictions
In twin blows to environmentalists, a Senate panel decided June 22nd to cut a high-profile proposal by President Clinton for buying park land and to limit an effort to restrict waste dumping at some hard-rock mines.
by Associated Press
State May Re-Examine Plans on Dredge Use Near Hope
The State Division of Governmental Coordination said it should have been asked to review the project a year ago to make sure the mine complies with the Alaska Coastal Zone Management Plan.
by Associated Press
Company Notes
• Homestake Mining Company
• Placer Dome Inc.
• AZCO Mining Inc.
• Guyana Diamond Corp.
• Canadian Mining Company, Ltd.
• Hecla Mining Company
• Pan American Silver Corp.
by Staff
Jim Butler's Political Career
The Nevada Historical Society's "This Was Nevada" Series
by Phillip I. Earl
Picks & Pans: Gold Recovery in Placer Mining Operations
Two of the major factors affecting the profitability of a placer mining enterprise are the relative efficiency of the mining equipment, and the rate and percentage of recovery obtained while conducting mining operations.
by Staff
Nevada Looks to Tourism to Fill Mining's Gap
Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt and the Nevada Commission on Tourism have agreed to seek an unspecified amount of marketing funds to boost tourism in the Ely, Nevada area in the wake of a mine closing.
by Associated Press
PGMs in the United States
Until just recently, platinum-group metals (PGMs), especially palladium, had been holding their own on the market. But, Russia has now resumed shipments and it has brought prices down.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Legislative Update
Robert Sanregret—Attorney at Law
Western Mining Council
National Association of Mining Districts
by Robert Sanregret
Miners Claim Victory in Fight That Began with Protest
Albanian miners in the rocky, pine-covered hills of northern Kosovo claim it wasn't just politics or religion or even ethnicity that started their war with the Serbs.
by Associated Press
U.S. Admits Botching Indian Funds Accounts
...the government has acknowledged in court that it can't provide some account holders...with basic information about their money.
by Staff
Gold Fever
"Little Boys who pick up rocks either go to prison or become geologists."
by W. Dan Hausel
Roads Protecting Grizzlies Reopen
U.S. Forest Service officials are drawing criticism from environmentalists for reopening some back-country roads that had been closed to protect threatened grizzly bears.
by Associated Press
Guanajuato Silver, Mexico
For 250 years, the Guanajuato Mining District of Mexico produced 20% of the world's silver. The old colonial city of Guanajuato (pop.100,000) is wedged in a narrow canyon in the Sierra de Guanajuato, at an average elevation of 6,750 feet.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Roosevelt: From Boom Town to Mountain Lake
Roosevelt was a product of the Thunder Mountain boom, Idaho's last major gold rush.
by Sharon A. Murray
Dollar Must Slip for Gold to Rise
Gold prices won't be on the rebound anytime soon, so World Gold Council Chairman John Willson is telling miners they have to eke by with the current depressed value of the metal.
by Associated Press
Looking Back
Excerpts from California Mining Journal, our original title, published 50 years ago this month.
by Staff
1999 National Mining Hall of Fame Inductees
Ceremonies to induct 1999s nominees into the National Mining Hall of Fame will be held Sunday October 10,
1999 at the Adam's Mark Hotel in St. Louis, MO.
by Staff
Melman on Gold & Silver
...we are beginning to believe that there is a Grinch out there who steals every rally away from the gold market! There is almost no other explanation for what is going on.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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