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The Magazine: December 1999 (Vol. 69, No. 4)
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December 1999 (Vol. 69, No. 4)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Gotta Have It, got it!...
• Computer Industry Feeds the Belt Way...
• The pre-game snack of choice at the new Staples Center arena is oysters on the half shell...

by Staff
Over the Divide
Robert A. Sanregret
1930 - 1999
by Staff
Our Readers Say
• "Now for the reality..."
• "How times have chagned..."
• "Now I know why it was late..."
• "...the news media has been kept in the dark."
• "...expand it if you can."

by Staff
Desert Phone Trashed
The once very lonely phone booth in the Mojave desert 75 miles southwest of Las Vegas, reported on in last month's ICMJ and media throughout the world, became a media darling...
by Associated Press
ICMJ Elected Prospecting Magazine of 1999
ICMJ was honored at the 6th annual Best 0' North East Treasure Hunters and Prospectors, April 24 Convention...
by Staff
Advertising Manager Leaving ICMJ
It is with much regret that we announce the resignation of ICMJ Advertising and Production Manager, Diane Craig.
by Staff
Guest Editorial—California "Special" Dredge Permits in Jeopardy
by Dennis J. Raff
Executive Director,
Horseshoe Bar Action & Research (HBAR)

by Guest Writer
The Search Continues
The Wyoming State Geological Survey continues research on diamonds in the Laramie Mountains northeast of the UW campus.
by Staff
Guest Editorial: U.S. Government—Like Nobody's Business
by William Perry Pendley, President & Chief legal Officer
Mountain States legal Foundation

by Guest Writer
Circulation and Collections Manager Leaving ICMJ
Best wishes!
by Staff
Company Notes
• Homestake Mining Company
• Newmont Mining Corporation
• Azco Mining Inc.
• Sterling Mining Co.
• Comico Ltd.
• Vista Gold
• JAB International
• X-Cal
by Staff
House Chair Requests Records on Forest Decision
House Resources Chairman Don Young is asking the White House and Agriculture Department for records related to President Clinton's decision to place 40 million acres of remote, federal forest land off-limits for development.
by Associated Press
BLM Wants to Withdraw South Pass Public Land
The Bureau of Land Management is proposing to close off nearly 5,000 acres of public land on South Pass for the next two years while a plan is developed for designating portions of Sweetwater River as wild and scenic.
by Associated Press
Silverton Preserving Lofty Symbol of Mining Era
Now, the Old Hundred-Mine boarding house has a new lease on life thanks to a town where some cling to the relics of a vanquished mining industry...
by Associated Press
Legislative Update
Robert Sanregret—Attorney at Law
Western Mining Council
National Association of Mining Districts
by Guest Writer
Hijackers Make Off With 660 Pounds of Gold
Ten heavily armed men hijacked a plane November 5th, making off with 660 lbs of gold worth an estimated $2.3 million...
by Associated Press
Prospecting With a Magnetometer
Swedes were the first to note variations in the Earth's magnetic field, circa 1640, and they were the first to use the dip needle. They made the first magnetometer in 1870.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
1999 Tables of Content
Celebrating California's Golden Sesquicentennial & A Century of Mining
by Staff
Lighting the Way Underground 1860-1940s
Man has toiled for thousands of years underground to unlock the treasures that Mother Earth has buried just beyond view. A source of light was of the utmost importance to the miner and many developments evolved through the passage of time.
by Mark Mallicoat
Millie's Tailings
"Swanee" McBride knew how to make a safe trail along the narrow edge of a high, steep slope bordering his mining claims. It twisted into sharp turns as it wound around massive pines and huge boulders.
by Carolyn Dobbs
Picks & Pans: Crevicing & Sniping for Placer Gold
Even though there has recently been a decline in the prices for most of the precious metals, an increasing number of amateur prospectors are still finding that prospecting for precious metals is an exciting, enjoyable, and sometimes profitable occupation.
by Staff
Looking Back
Excerpts from California Mining Journal, our original title, published 50 years ago this month.
by Staff
Gold in Sonora
The state of Sonora, slightly smaller in area than Utah, lies in-northwestern Mexico, adjoining Arizona to the south. It is characterized, on the east, by a high volcanic plateau, the Sierra Madre Occidental, which forms its boundary with Chihuahua.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Forest Service Boss Quits in Bull Trout Flap
The Forest Service supervisor in charge of national forests in Nevada abruptly announced her resignation November 8, citing an atmosphere of "hostility and distrust" toward federal employees in the state.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
The only phrase that comes to mind in reviewing this past month is "deja vu." We've seen all this before; falling gold prices, rising stock markets, soaring hi-tech stocks, crazy initial public offerings (IPO's) and a return to public confidence that all problems can be solved.
by Leonard Melman
European Gold Miners Seek Clarification Letter
Three European gold mining companies want the Bank of England to publicly state its activities in the gold and gold derivitatives markets. In a letter to the Financial Times, three small mining companies representing the majority of European gold production said since the start of the year, scores of reports about manipulation of the gold price had surfaced.
by Associated Press
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Squeezing Diamond Into Graphite
A major diamond mystery has finally been cracked. For 40 years, scientists have tried but failed to apply so much pressure on the hard rocks that they would become something other than diamond. Now researchers reported that they succeeded.
by Associated Press

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