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The Magazine: December 2013 (Vol. 83, No. 4)
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December 2013 (Vol. 83, No. 4)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• People in lead houses should not throw stones...
• The Anything-but-Affordable Care Act

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• BLM claim fees rise
• Critical minerals bill
• Sage-grouse habitat
by Scott Harn
Ask the Experts
Market for scheelite concentrates?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Why are there no maps of the so-called mining districts?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Ore testing and other advice for starting up a mining operation.
by Chris Ralph
It's the Bottom of the Ninth—And Not Just for California
If we lose, the radical environmentalists have a roadmap to replicate their success everywhere.
by Public Lands for the People
Sierra County Gold—Part I
...this county contained some of the richest placer ground found in all of California and still produces some pretty impressive finds to this day.
by Chris Ralph
ICMJ's Annual Index
by Staff
Ophir—Possibly the Best Kept Secret in Alaska—Part II
I knew the nuggets got into the nugget patch somehow, I just had to figure out how and from what direction they came.
by Chuck Merritt
Our 29-Troy-Ounce Golden Blessing
I picked up a noticeably heavy, fist-sized chunk of what I thought was a heavy piece of iron. After wiping some of the dirt and clay off, I still didn't know what on earth this object was.
by Kevin Hamel
Hunting for Hardrock: The Basics
Exposed veins and outcroppings can be a great source for gathering good gold ore for processing. Veins and outcroppings do require a lot of work to free the ore from its earthen grip, but this labor can be very rewarding.
by Alex Dolbeare
Gold in the San Francisco District Oatman, Mohave County, Arizona
I suspect detailed geological mapping and prospecting would lead to discovery of one or more overlooked gold deposits in the district even though it has been heavily prospected in the past.
by W. Dan Hausel
Heavy Glacial Rocks and Gold in the Midwest
Over the years, I've noticed a pattern in the type of rocks associated with the best gold deposits in Midwestern glacial gravel.
by Chuck Lassiter
Strategic Metals—Part II
There are literally thousands of abandoned wasterock and ore dumps that dot the United States that could hold many tones of strategic metals.
by Bill Rich
The Amazing Mineral Tourmaline
It is a gemstone, and yet it is also closely associated with many types of metal ores. It's valuable itself but often points toward other valuable minerals—that is certainly something prospectors want to know more about!
by Chris Ralph
Melman on Gold & Silver
...this debacle may easily lead to disenchantment with government programs in general and politicians of all stripes in particular. Historically, that kind of unrest has been positive for precious metals markets.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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