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The Magazine: October 2013 (Vol. 83, No. 2)
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October 2013 (Vol. 83, No. 2)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Here we go round Obamacare...
• Care packages for al-Qaeda?

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Judge refuses to grant preliminary injuction to end suction gold dredging moratorium in California
• Proposed listing of Yellow-legged frog and Yosemite Toad in northern California
by Scott Harn
EPA Tries to Intimidate Alaskan Miners
Alaska Governor Sean Parnell has ordered an investigation of the recent raids, saying he will not tolerate a state agency's participation in the sort of conduct displayed.
by Scott Harn
A Few Pointers About Cracks and Crevices
Because these crevices catch and hold gold so well, it's worthwhile to learn how they form, which ones are good for catching gold and which ones are not.
by Chris Ralph
Hunting for Gold in the Quartzsite Area of Western Arizona
Winters are a great time to explore the hills in the area of the Middle Camp, Oro Fino and La Cholla placers on the southern flank of the Dome Rock Mountains.
by Jane Alene Boyles
The Madonna Nugget
It was down deeper than I expected for surface trash. It wasn't until I was down six inches that the target screamed from my scoop.
by Joe Chmiel
Research and Fieldwork Yield Some Promising Gold
A week later, a small team of us hit it again, and this time the gold really showed up.
by Don Robinson
The Alaska Highway and Beyond
My first clean-up showed that my efforts were not in vain. There was considerable color with some good-sized nuggets in the riffle trap.
by C.A. "Charlie" Cook
It's Hard to Find Gold!
...even the best prospectors have times when they do not find gold. It is all about taking chances against tough odds and succeeding.
by Steve Herschbach
Partner Withdraws from Pebble Project
One of the partners in a massive and contentious proposed gold and copper mine in Alaska is pulling out, raising questions about the future of the project.
by Associated Press
Highbanking at the 144
My third sample location proved to be my last and most interesting. I needed to look no further.
by R. V. Larson
Potential Gold at Old Hydraulic Sites
So why would a modern-day prospector want to learn about a method of mining that was banned by the courts more than a century ago?
by Chris Ralph
California State Panning Championships—Foresthill, CA Heritage Celebration
Here's the kicker—for every lost flake there was a five minute penalty added to the time. Lost gold generally meant you didn't make it past the preliminaries.
by Staff
Prospecting Tales: Forest Service, Fires and Bears—Oh My!
I woke up on Sunday morning, August 10, to heavy smoke. I saw where it was coming from, but it seemed like it was a long way off so I thought I was okay for the time being.
by John McPherson
Melman on Gold & Silver
I believe gold and silver prices, to at least some extent, negatively mirror the society's confidence in the ability of government to continue providing economic and social services.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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