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The Magazine: August 2013 ( Vol. 82, No. 12)
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August 2013 ( Vol. 82, No. 12)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Reality show or reality?
• Big brother pays well...
• "Less is more" is really less

by Staff
Ask the Experts
Q: Will my detector react to fine gold?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Q: Would a mining company be interested in this area for just the magnetite?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Q: How do I get gold out of a saturated solution of salt with nitric acid?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Q: What's the difference between a header box and a crash box?
by Chris Ralph
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Oregon passes SB 838
• Meanwhile, in California
by Scott Harn
Common Mistakes of the New Detectorist
Detecting is not very complicated and the rewards can be tremendous. The difference between success and fruitless toiling can be remedied by a few small adjustments and a whole lot of perseverance.
by Michael Greyshock
The Pearce Mineralized Area, Dragoon Mountains, Arizona—Part II
There are many prospects within the known mineralized area and along the margins of the mineralized area that should be examined for gold and silver.
by W. Dan Hausel
Mining for Gemstones and Mineral Specimens
It is better in a gem and mineral mining operation that the driller, blaster and mucker be the same person in order to be able to predict placement of the desired mineral enriched pockets.
by Jim Clanin
Fighting and Winning Without a Lawyer
This article may not be as interesting as someone describing a big nugget find in Australia...but right now the biggest obstacle to mining is our government.
by Steve Hicks
The Essentials of Dry Washing
Most dry washers have a feed rate adjustment. It needs to be set so that the material flows evenly over the riffles and does not bury them.
by Chris Ralph
Fortymile, Alaska Prospecting Adventure
Some creeks have nuggets, while others, particulary the rivers, nothing but fine gold.
by Steve Herschbach
Court Says Emergency Rule in California Unjustified
Superior Court Judge Karen L. Dixon granted the temporary restraining order on July 3, 2013.
by Scott Harn
Sampling Placer Stockpiles
Sampling other people's stockpiles or dumps has some inherent risks that sampling undisturbed ground does not have.
by Jim Halloran
Lower Prices Bring Layoffs
The extensive cost reductions now being put in place are not just a short-term reaction to the recent drop in gold prices...
by Chris Ralph
Prospecting Research
These are just some of the ways I have been able to find new spots to metal detect for gold.
by Ray Mills
Buyer Beware! Counterfeit Metal Detectors
When I was recently in West Africa, I got to see and play with my first, phony, Chinese knock-off metal detector.
by Chris Ralph
Melman on Gold & Silver
...frankly, the question is being asked, "How in the world could otherwise rational people even consider investments in the yellow in the yellow and white metals?"
by Staff
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Annual Claim Fees Due September 3, 2013
Because September 1 falls on a Sunday this year; and Monday, September 2, is a holiday, the BLM will accept yearly filings through September 3.
by Scott Harn
Underground in the Original 16-1 Mine
These days they employ the use of metal detectors and carefully scan the shattered rocks, hoping to hear that sound we detectorists love to hear.
by Ron Kliewer

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