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The Magazine: July 2013 (Vol. 82, No. 11)
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July 2013 (Vol. 82, No. 11)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Can you hear me now?
• IRS = Irresponsible, Renegade Scoundrels
• The $293 million dollar nap

by Staff
Ask the Experts
Q: Is there a special name for this silver and copper alloy?
by Chris Ralph
Ask the Experts
Q: How can I locate good places to prospect and meet like-minded individuals at the same time?
by Chris Ralph
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Hearing date moved up for preliminary injunction for California suction dredging
• Anti-mining bills in Oregon lead to recall effort
by Scott Harn
The Birimian Greenstone Belts of West Africa
The country we were to visit was Burkina Faso, a small country about the same size of my home state of Nevada with about 10 times more people. The second day I was in Africa, we went out to the goldfields for the first time.
by Chris Ralph
Study Confirms Mercury Levels Safe in California's Gold Country
While the Water Board documented the selenium levels in fish and noted they exceed the levels of mercury, they have yet to acknowledge the numerous scientific studies that show selenium effectively neutralizes the effects of mercury.
by Scott Harn
All About Quartz—Part II
In our May 2013 issue, we took a look at the mineral quartz, a mineral very commonly associated with gold. However, gold is not the only reason prospectors are interested in quartz. Quartz can also be very valuable as a gemstone
by Chris Ralph
Backwards Find
I furiously started pulling material out of the side wall and putting it in my scoop. It didn't take long to discover that the source of the scream was from a one-ounce chunk...
by Joe Chmiel
The Pearce Mineralized Area, Dragoon Mountains, Arizona
...I would bet considerably more lode gold and silver remains to be found in this area, and there are possibilities for small placers and nugget shooting.
by W. Dan Hausel
An Alaskan in the Lower 48
Our destination was some old hydraulic workings where the old miners had washed literally mountains of material away to expose gold in ancient river channels.
by Steve Herschbach
Romancing the Rock
With the exception of well-established operators with proven reserves and years of field experience, the high price of gold brought a flood of speculators, con men, and real estate brokers into the mix who were not previously engaged in the gold mining market.
by Robert Flounders
Placer Channel Sampling
Sampling gold placers can be rewarding, but remember to treat the samples so you are not high grading or low grading your results. Learn the rules and apply them so your samples are accurate.
by Jim Halloran
The Oquirrh Mountains, Utah
...we will visit three dormant mining districts that lie in the Oquirrh Range in Utah. Some major activity that transformed the lives of thousands of people occurred here from the mid 1860s to the late 1990s.
by Bill Rich
Melman on Gold & Silver
Once again last month the world seemed to be tottering uncertainly on the precipice of whether to continue with some manner of austerity in order to begin restoring government balance sheets to some semblance of fiscal conservatism or whether to openly return to the previous eras of wide-open stimulation via debt, deficits and unlimited money creation.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Balmoral Resources
One of the oldest sayings in the mining exploration world is that if you are going to search for a new mine, one of the best places to look is near an existing, proven property.
by Leonard Melman
Record $11 Million Fine for California Mine
State regulators imposed a record $11 million fine on the operators of a gold mine in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento.
by Associated Press

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