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The Magazine: June 2013 (Vol. 82, No. 10)
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June 2013 (Vol. 82, No. 10)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Fried golden eagle is bad; diced is okay
• Your tax dollars at work

by Scott Harn
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Two million acres of proposed habitat
• Last chance for Nevada claim refunds
• California suction gold dredging update
by Scott Harn
Breaking Rock the Old School Way
Prospectors have many reasons why they might want to break rocks. These include dividing up a specimen too large to carry.
by Chris Ralph
My Lucky Month of March
My wife Maureen and I spend part of our winter season in the Quartzsite, Arizona area. One fine March morning, we left our RV camping area at approximately 10am in search of that elusive yellow metal with our metal detectors.
by Harry Pitman
Gold Rush in the Congo—Part II
We needed something to cook on, so we brought most of our kitchen with us including our full-size oven, which was pretty funny to see in the middle of a rainforest. Food was always a concern, but fortunately for us...
by David Perkins
A Journey Into the Silver Peak Range
The Gold Rush in California called hundreds of thousands of souls to leave their homes to journey to the the far reaches of the West. At first the rich goldfields of the Sierra Nevada beckoned to these adventurous pioneers.
by Bill Rich
Ancient River Channels of Trinity County
Trinity County is located in the far northwest corner of California and stirs up many different memories for those who have been there.
by Ray Mills
Which Nugget Detector Should I Get?
The most commonly asked question in metal detecting is, “Which metal detector should I get?” People worry a lot about not getting the right machine. They do not want to waste their money and their time with the wrong metal detector.
by Steve Herschbach
Liberty and the Phoenix Mine
Liberty, Washington is located in the mountains near Yakima and Ellensburg. There is nothing much in Liberty except for about 20 houses on patented mining claims and a lot of dry holes.
by C.A. "Charlie" Cook
Confluence Placers
Confluences of placer streams are well known as concentration sites for heavy minerals. The basic reason is that...
by Jim Halloran
The Birimian Greenstone Belts of West Africa
A few years ago I had a tremendous opportunity to visit Australia and hunt for gold there. The geology of the gold deposits there was somewhat different from what I was used to here in the US. I learned a lot about greenstone belt gold deposits while prospecting them in person, and it was an amazing trip.
by Chris Ralph
Spanish Gold Ledge Still Producing Gold
The Gold Eye placer claims, located in the La Cholla district of Arizona, are still producing some beautiful gold. From the days of the Spanish explorers and Mexican miners, men have tunneled into the earth in search of gold in this area.
by Jane Alene Boyles
Nevada Mining Tax Cap Repeal Clears Committee
An Assembly panel approved a measure to repeal the constitutional tax cap on net proceeds paid by mining companies in Nevada.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
Banking problems continue to find their way into the world’s financial media, and we note below that another nation, Slovenia, is now grabbing attention with a banking crisis of their own as well as a downgrading of their national bonds by Moody’s Investment Services.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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