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The Magazine: January 2013 (Vol. 82, No. 5)
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January 2013 (Vol. 82, No. 5)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Run for the border
• By the numbers

by Staff
From the Editor
The past year was an extremely busy one here at ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal.
by Scott Harn
Ask the Experts
How do sluicing and drywashing compare in effciency?
by Chris Ralph
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• US Supreme Court may consider requirements for Notitce of Intent
• Oregon considering mining restrictions
• Latest developments in California suction dredging moratorium
• Spotted owl habitat
by Scott Harn
Iron Minerals, Your Detector and Gold
It’s worthwhile for the prospector using a metal detector to know a little bit more about the association of iron and gold as well as how iron minerals affect your metal detector.
by Chris Ralph
The Robinson Mine—Big Things Happen Here
When I’m traveling through the West, I sometimes take detours that lead me to places that I never knew exist
by Bill Rich
Forty-Six Nuggets
This past summer, a two-week adventure in Alaska and other gold prospecting trips turned out to be some of my greatest life experiences.
by Tom Kunkler
Customizing Your Dredge
I am going to suggest dozens of ways you can increase suction power, dredge to greater depths, and improve recovery methods in your sluice box.
by Steve Sullivan
Small Miner Beats Forest Service in Court
Thomas Tierney has been a long-time subscriber to ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal and has read about the many battles between miners and overzealous regulators. Then he faced his own battle.
by Scott Harn
Using Vegetation and Soil Conditions as Prospecting Aids
Wouldn’t it be great if you could know if there is gold in the ground without setting foot on the ground? Well you can, to a certain extent, if you can recognize mined ground from unmined.
by Jim Halloran
Prospecting for Diamonds
Let’s take a look at diamonds and diamond mining and see how they form, how they are used beyond just jewelry, and what leads geologists to find diamond deposits.
by Chris Ralph
Green Valley Reconnaissance
During this trip we found enough gold to make us want to come back, even with the punishment of a very long, tough hike.
by Don Robinson
Gold Pour Signals Revival in the Mother Lode
Miners are digging again where their forebears once unearthed riches from eight historic mines that honeycomb Sutter Gold Mining Company’s holdings about 50 miles southeast of Sacramento.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
Well, by the time this issue hits the newsstands or your mailboxes, the New Year of 2013 will be upon us, and it seems worthwhile to take a look at important recent trends that are likely to extend into the coming twelve month period.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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