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The Magazine: May 2000 (Vol. 69, No. 9)
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May 2000 (Vol. 69, No. 9)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• "They treat you like a criminal on your own land."
• IRS goes after low-income taxpayers...

by Staff
Guest Editorial—Sentaor Craig of Idaho Looking Into MSHA Complaints
Citations and fines were found to be arbitrary and capricious...
by Guest Writer
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• California Dept. of Fish & Game Stops Issuing Special Dredge Permits
• Clinton Advisor Defends Roadless Plan Process
• Forest Service to Seek Wilderness Status for Much of Chugach
by Scott Harn
Guest Editorial—Changing the Rules
Increasing restrictions on use of public lands are causing a widening tear through the country's economic and social fabric.
by Guest Writer
Gold Prospecting on Sixmile River
As part of the Hope-Sunrise Mining District, mining activity was at a frenzy in the area in 1902, when miners like Mr. S.W. Weible worked the gold rich gravels of Canyon Creek...and recovered $7,000 in gold dust.
by Ron Wendt
Serpentine in California
Serpentine, as used in this article, is both a rock and a mineral. The rock should be termed "serpentinite," but the word "serpentine" is in common usage for both the rock and mineral.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Town Hall Meeting in Sierra City, California
I was invited to attend a meeting on April 7 in Sierra City, between Forest Service officials and a group of concerned area miners regarding what the miners described as abuses by the BLM and local Forest Service officials.
by Mark Mallicoat
Picks & Pans: Tips for Nuggestshooting—How to Increase Your Gold Finds (Part II)
Thus far we have only briefly discussed the methods used by early miners to process auriferous desert gravels. However, old workings can be extremely productive places to search with a metal detector.
by Chris Gholson
An Unusual Death in Downieville's Gold Rush
While women were extremely rare in the early California gold camps, their relative absence did not always guarantee their safety or protection if they happened to be of Mexican nationality. The most memorable, graphic example of this tendency took place in Downieville, seat of Sierra County located on a fork of the Yuba River.
by Richard H. Peterson, PhD
Metals and Precious Stones in Wyoming
Wyoming is an excellent place for prospectors, rock hounds, and companies to search for a variety of mineral resources.
by W. Dan Hausel
Looking Back
Excerpts from California Mining Journal, our original title, published 50 years ago this month.
by Staff
Gold at Dale, California
The Dale Mining district is located in the Pinto Mountains, 18 to 25 miles east and southeast of Twentynine Palms, by way of the Twentynine Palms highway and the unpaved Gold Crown road.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Melman on Gold & Silver
If there is one word which seems to describe the past month on so many fronts, it is the word "dysfunctional." The tone was set when "American Beauty" won the Academy Award for "Best Movie."
by Leonard Melman

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