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The Magazine: July 2000 (Vol. 69, No. 11)
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July 2000 (Vol. 69, No. 11)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Pennsylvanians looking for a tax rebate get a sultry offer
• Teenage legislative employee alreadys knows how to spend taxpayer money

by Staff
Our Readers Say
• "Kiss your property rights goodbye...
by Staff
Mine Market / Circulation Manager Returns to High School
Over the past 4 years many of our readers, advertisers, and newsstand vendors have had the pleasure of talking with Matt Koumaras...
by Scott Harn
A Word from the Editor
Many of the calls and letters I have received from our readers lately have expressed frustration and outright anger at the Clinton Administration.
by Scott Harn
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Bush Proposes Cooperation in Land Conservation
• Federal Government Shuts Down Recreational Mining in Idaho
• Forest Service Considers Grassland Comments in Wyoming, Nebraska, North and South Dakota
by Scott Harn
GOP Chairmen Ask Gore to Recuse Himself From Roadless Plan
Vice President Al Gore should cease all participation in the Clinton administration's proposal to ban roads and other development in 43 million acres of roadless forests, two GOP committee chairmen say.
by Associated Press
Treasure Hunters Abound in Greece
Greed nearly starved Greece's legendary gold-transforming King Midas to death—but still they haven't learned.
by Associated Press
Hope Boy Finds Gem During Field Trip
It's not THE Hope Diamond, but a half-carat yellow gem worth up to $700 will fit that bill for an elementary school student from, where else, Hope.
by Associated Press
Deadly Explosion Ruled Accidental
A federal investigation shows that the explosion that killed a 42-year-old worker at the Trapper Mine near Craig in August 1999 was an accident.
by Associated Press
Canyon Resources Offers to Sell Mineral Rights
Canyon Resources Corporation recently offered to let environmental groups buy the mineral rights under nearly a million acres of land in western Montana.
by Associated Press
Four Miners Die in Mine Accidents in Ukraine
Four miners were killed in eastern Ukraine in two separate accidents during one week in May in the country's troubled mines, emergency officials said.
by Associated Press
GPS Speeds Filing of Claims in Alaska
Alaska Governor Tony Knowles signed a bill making several beneficial changes to Alaska mining claim location law.
by Staff
15th, 16th Century Coins Found in Romania
A farmer in northwestern Romania has dug up nearly 2,000 Polish, Hungarian and Turkish silver and gold coins dating back as far as the 15th century, an official said.
by Associated Press
Miners Attend Meeting in Myrtle Point, Oregon
It was "standing room only" as a crowd of approximately 50 interested miners attended a meeting hosted by the Powers Ranger District and Forest Service personnel from the Siskiyou National Forest.
by Tom Kitchar
Picks & Pans: Detecting in Kauai, Hawaii
Winter in Alaska! What is an Alaskan gold miner to do? Go somewhere warm to look for gold, that's what!
by Steve Herschbach
Mannequins Bring "Life" to Mining Museum
Mining is coming back to Leadville, at least in spirit.
by Associated Press
The History of Tombstone
The Tombstone Mining District of Arizona was not a major producer of silver in comparison with some districts in other states, but it has had a long and colorful history.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Company Notes
• Pan American Silver Corp.
• Mountain Province Mining Inc.
• Canyon Resources Corp.
by Staff
Metal Detector Only Requirement for Hunting Treasure
In 1977, Mary Lee Bunch bought her husband a Christmas gift she joked would "keep him off the streets." Sure, Milton Bunch is off the streets. But now you can't keep him off the roadsides...
by Jane Lorenzini
Mystery of the Reed Gold Mine Nuggets
The discovery of gold in Little Meadow Creek in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, by young Conrad Reed, on a Sunday morning in the Summer of 1799, ushered in the search for gold in the continental United States.
by Sam E. Phifer, P.G.
The Colorado Mineral Belt
The 250 mile long Colorado Mineral Belt cuts diagonally across central and southwestern Colorado, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains...
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Millennium of Russian Gold on Display in U.S.
Russian treasures of gold and jewels, which survived centuries of upheaval and even the Bolshevik Revolution, will make their home in the United States for the next 10 months.
by Associated Press
Judge to Decide Regarding Release of Records
The state Department of Environmental Quality asked a judge to decide whether the agency can disclose documents about the financial condition of a mining company facing a fine.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
As many long time readers know, one of my favorite sayings is the Asian expression, "May you live in interesting times." We sure do and if you didn't believe it before, just consider the latest word from the international markets.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Looking Back
Excerpts from CMJ published 50 years ago this month.
by Staff

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