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The Magazine: August 2000 (Vol. 69, No. 12)
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August 2000 (Vol. 69, No. 12)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Do as I say, not as I do...
• Political parking perk...

by Staff
Our Readers Say
• "I would like to be included..."
• "No claim in the world can be economically exploited without mechanical means."
by Staff
August Hearing Set for Crandon Mine
The fight over an agreement a northern Wisconsin town passed almost four years ago that endorsed a proposed underground zinc and copper mine near Crandon goes before a Dane County judge next month.
by Associated Press
Legislative and Regulatory Update
Every prospector and claim holder should be aware of the court decision USA  v. Shumway (96-16480) from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals filed December 28, 1999.
by Staff
Montana Approves Stillwater Expansion Bonds
The Montana Board of Investments unanimously approved a motion to issue up to $35 million in bonds to help Stillwater Mining Corp. expand its platinum and palladium mine.
by Associated Press
Guest Editorial—Globalizing Mining in America, Part I
Is it environmental concern that's driving mining out of the United States or rather politics on the grandest scale?
by Michael S. Coffman
Quartzsite, Arizona
The town of Quartzsite, with a permanent population of about 2,000, was founded as a stage stop in 1866. It is situated on the broad La Posa Plain, a north-trending desert valley, at an elevation of 875 feet.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Groups Plan to Sue Over Lynx Protection
Three environmental groups have served formal notice that they intend to sue the U.S. Forest Service for failing to protect the Canada lynx as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.
by Associated Press
Picks & Pans: Treasure Hawk Mine—Cutthroat Mining Corporation
The Treasure Hawk mine was operated by "Crazy Eddie" Bounsall from 1972 until 1988. He died in 1994, and I purchased the Treasure Hawk claims from his wife Betty in 1996.
by John Lear
Company Notes
• CoreMarkets.com
• Canyon Resources Corp.
• X-Cal Resources
• Homestake Mining Company
• Pan American Silver Corp.
by Staff
Nuggetshooting Eluvial Placers in the Western United States
The future is still good for anyone wishing to use a metal detector to nuggetshoot residual and hillside eluvial placers. Since these placers are easily overlooked, the key to opening the door marked "success" is the willingness to do research.
by Jim Straight
125 Years of Mining History in the Panamints
Two years after California's major gold discovery, another find was made in Ballarat, Australia. The news of the discovery went world-wide, and many of the California prospectors had heard plenty about Australian gold—especially the 2,284-ounce nugget found there.
by Frank Lorey III
Cuba Revisited
The island of Cuba, 720 miles in length, lies 95 miles south of Key West, Florida, and 180 miles south of Miami. The island separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. Most of the island consists of rolling country under 500 feet in elevation, but there are a few small mountain ranges.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
2000 National Mining Hall of Fame Inductees
ICMJ congratulates this year's inductees to the National Mining Hall of Fame.
by Staff
United States National Gold Panning Championships
Competition Results
by Michael Okey
Melman on Gold & Silver
Boy, do we ever live interesting times! What other conclusion can we come to when the only real excitement on the whole scene is a kids' book and a TV series about a bunch of people acting in a manner to make the word "weird" seem respectable!
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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