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The Magazine: August 2011 (Vol. 80, No. 12)
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August 2011 (Vol. 80, No. 12)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• How to end the deficit today
• Money that nobody wants
• Abandon ship!

by Staff
Our Readers Say
About 10 years ago the Forest Service told a miner that he could not stay on his claim for more than 14 days in a row. I told the miner that he could stay as long as he wants, providing he was mining.
by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• California suction dredging
• House shows support for public land use
by Scott Harn
Ask The Experts—Studies with summaries and conclusions please...
Q: ...A number of scientific studies have been done that concluded our level of dredging is “not” harmful to fish or habitat. I suggest that the Mining Journal list some of these specific studies with brief summaries and conclusions.
by Chris Ralph
Ask The Experts—What's the cheapest way to mine quartz for gold?
Q: I have a gold mine in Colorado. There was an assay done which stated [there is] a lot of quartz within the mine. What is the cheapest way to mine it for gold? I don’t have the money for mills, etc. Can I do it by hand (during summer holidays), and how would I get started?
by Chris Ralph
Which Specific Gravity Test Works Best?
Have you ever wondered how accurate specific gravity tests are in determining the amount of gold in a specimen?
by Matt Fabian
Critical Minerals: Gold
A few quick calculations show that approximately 11 tons of gold are lost each year just in the manufacture of new cell phones.
by Chris Ralph
Jury: Gov't Rightfully Seized 1933 Gold Coins
The verdict capped an unusual civil case that combined history, coin collecting and whether the $20 “double eagles” ever legally left the US Mint.
by Associated Press
So Where's The Gold?
...we finally got back to this exploration effort. The old works there were up above the old camp, which was very significant in size.
by Don Robinson
GMV Minerals and Guyana Gold
Guyanese gold deposits occur in deformed and metamorphosed greenstones made up of alternating mafic to felsic volcanic and sedimentary rocks intruded by granitoid basoliths and stocks.
by Leonard Melman
Wyoming's Billion Dollar Nugget—The Trilogy Ends
Our testing over the past 15 years was to confirm or deny the USGS report completed in 1978. Besides the half acre test dig, we completed many additional test digs by hand and with the backhoe.
by David C. Freitag
When Legends Were Made and Fortunes Found
Sylvester Smith and his younger brother Nathan were among this group who rode and led their Indian ponies, while climbing the rugged Salmon River breaks and rockhewn mountains, looking for a path that would lead them up and over the uncharted wilderness.
by Roger O. Walker
Exploring and Mining for Uranium
For a time uranium was more popular with prospectors than gold, but this is no longer true, and it has been decades since it was common to see individuals armed with Geiger counters out in the field.
by Chris Ralph
Huge California Nugget A Hoax
Sanders claimed he used ground-penetrating radar to survey his private property in Nevada County, California, and uncovered the chunk of gold with a backhoe when he was following up on one of the anomalies found by the radar.
by Scott Harn
Melman on Gold & Silver
Occurrences such as these have proven, time and time again, that gold possesses the attribute of maintaining significant value over time, something that cannot be said of unbacked, fiat paper money where every such issuance has eventually deteriorated throughout history into virtual worthlessness.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes & Mineral and Metal Prices
by Staff

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