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Suction Gold Dredging Info

09-15-2009 Governor Schwarzenegger signs SB 670 to temporarily halt suction gold dredging in California

09-15-2009 PLP files federal lawsuit against State of California to lift suction gold dredging ban

10-08-2009 The State of California obtained an extension for filing their response to the federal lawsuit filed by Public Lands for the People (PLP). The lawsuit seeks to enjoin the State of California from enforcing SB 670, the bill enacted August 6 that halted the issuance of suction gold dredging permits. State officials now have until November 24 to file their response in US District Court in Sacramento. PLP's goal remains to restore the rights of suction gold dredgers before the next dredging season.

10-08-2009 The California Department of Fish & Game released a review of available studies in preparation of the draft EIR for new suction dreging regulations. The 122-page document appears to contain very little new information from the EIR completed in 1994. The Review of Available Studies & Literature for Suction Dredging (1.26Mb pdf) is available on our website.

10-06-2009 Eldorado County, California, Board of Supervisors passed a resolution urging the California State Legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to rescind or amend SB670, a bill that banned suction dredging in California waterways.
Resolution: http://www.co.el-dorado.ca.us/bos/wwwroot/attachments/6a4d4486-d831-4508-bd94-be91a14d2f1c.pdf
Agenda item with supporting documentation: http://www.co.el-dorado.ca.us/bos/wwwroot/detailreport/matter.aspx?key=10883

11-03-2009 California suction dredging update: Scoping meetings scheduled; Notice of Preparation/Initial Study released

12-02-2009 Suction dredging update: State of California response to PLP federal lawsuit on SB 670 and more

12-03-2009 Our comments to California Fish and Game for initial scoping process for the new suction dredging EIR

01-20-2010 A business owner in Seiad in northern California discusses the local economic impact of the suction dredging ban

01-27-2010 EPA proposes general wastewater permit for suction gold dredging in Idaho

02-27-2010 Setback in the fight to restore the rights of suction dredgers in California

04-28-2010 Feds move to take control of all waters

04-29-2010 Hearing scheduled on refund of 2009 dredge fees in California

06-03-2010 Comments needed on Oregon small-scale mining regulations

06-24-2010 Comments needed on California Water Board proposal to limit Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) on the Klamath River

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