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Miner's News

Online mining classes at Mackay begin January 22

The University of Nevada, Reno Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Department of Mining Engineering has begun offering online courses for miners. These include:

MINE 322—Mineral Processing I. Principles and practices of mineral preparation and concentration.

MINE 324—Mineral Processing Lab. The tools required to write laboratory scopes procedures/objectives/abstracts) for analysis of ores. Must have access to metallurgical testing lab with mentor to oversee lab testing. (Corequisite: MINE 322 Mineral Processing I.)

MET 410/MINE 695 Pyrometallurgy (MSE 410/695). Quantitative and descriptive treatment of unit processes used in pyrometallurgy as well as fundamentals of smelting, melting and refining of metals by high-temperature methods. (Prerequisites: CHE 361 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, and MSE 232 Principles of Metallurgical Engineering, or consent of instructor.)

MET 423/(Graduate TBA) Comminution. Understanding the processes of sampling, liberation, size reduction with unit process selection. (Prerequisite: MINE 322.)

MINE 702 R Advanced Mining Engineering: Qualified Person Studies. Understanding of what a qualified person is and does in the mining industry, including study of laws and practices of qualified persons in the US and Canada. (Prerequisite: Graduate status.)

MINE 702 W Advanced Mining Engineering: Environmental Chemistry of Metals. Technical skills in treating water contaminated by dissolved metals, including in-depth review of chemistry of metals and metal precipitates and current practices in various industries to eliminate metal waste from effluent streams.

The current term begins January 22, 2013!

Download the flyer for complete details.

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