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Advertising » Mine Market (Classifieds) Rates

Our Mine Market section is the most well-read classified marketplace in the mining industry! At just 50 cents per word, the cost defines reasonable and is triggered to get solid results.

The DEADLINE IS ALWAYS the 10th of the month prior to publication. (i.e. January 10 is the deadline for the February issue.)

Click here to submit an ad using our online form or contact us if you have any questions.

Item Cost Minimum
Regular Type $0.50 per word $8.00 (Ads placed over the phone are an additional $3.00)
Mine Market Web Page Addition $0.25 per word additon

$4.00 Ad must be also printed in the Journal

Bold $2.00 per line none
Larger Bold $4.00 Per Line


Copy of Journal with ad $3.75 each none