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March 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 07)

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1. How much mining/prospecting experience do you have?
2. Where will the gold price per troy ounce be at the end of 2015?
3. We host a tradeshow in Placerville California every other year. (Next one is scheduled for 2016.) Would you prefer the show occur in April toward the beginning of the mining season or in September toward the end of the mining season?
4. Which method of reading ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal do you prefer?
5. Of the monthly columns in the Journal, which is your favorite?
6. Help us improve! What is your preferred way to receive updates between issues?
7. Which best describes your level of experience as a prospector or miner?
8. If you were to invest $500,000 today, which investment of those listed do you believe would give you the best return in five years?
9. Of the major Republican candidates running for president, Who is your favorite?
10. What will the price of gold be at the end of 2011?
11. For those of you who were able to attend our 2011 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit in Placerville: How would you rate it?
12. We will be hosting "hands-on" training sessions in conjunction with our own gold show April 23-25, 2011, in Placerville California. What type of instruction would you be most interested in?
13. How do you think the November elections will turn out?
14. Fill in the blank: Global warming is ____________________
15. What will the price of gold be (one troy ounce) at the end of 2009?
16. How many people read your issue of ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal?
17. Which brand of metal detector do you use most often to find gold?
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 Legislative and Regulatory Update
 MMAC Update
 MMAC Update
 That First Nugget
 Legislative and Regulatory Update
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Featured Article from the March 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 07)
This will provide the opportunity to meet with many of the members of Congress in a more informal setting at several meetings, luncheons and dinners. And we have been offered the chance to meet with President Trump’s staff.

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March 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 07) The Bawl Mill • Leg Udpate: Confirmation for some; Congress canceling regulations • Ask The Experts • Our Readers Say • Selectable Frequency vs Multi Frequency • All About Chalcopyrite • Detecting Alluvial Bench Deposits Pt II • The Goldfield Mining District -- Then and Now • MMAC Update • Nevada's Lithium Boom • Old Patch, New Detector • Over The Divide: James H. Harrand & Daniel Yesberger • Melman on Gold & Silver • Mining Stock Quotes • Mineral & Metal Prices
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February 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 06) The Bawl Mill • Leg Update: Obama's parting shots; California suction dredging; Oregon follows California's lead; Lawsuit coming; Bill introduced to stop mining in Washtington State; President Trump halts new federal regulations • Ask The Experts • Calcite and Limestone • MMAC Update • Detecting Basics: Lose the Bad Habits Not the Gold • Feather River Gold • Detecting Alluvial Bench Deposits • Underground Mining: Getting the Ore Out • From Vietnam to Wedding Bands • Trade-Ins, Swaps and Like-Kind Exchanges • Melman on Gold & Silver • Mineral and Metal Prices
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January 2017 (Vol. 86, No. 05) The Bawl Mill • Ask The Experts • Leg Update: Trump cabinet forming; Last minute regulations; California suction dredging • Detecting Strategies for Heavily Forested Areas - Pt II • The Winning Hand • Early Winter Detecting in the Sierras • Gangue Minerals - What Do They Tell Us? • Mining Districts in Montana Get Organized • Feds Deny Lease Renewals for Minnesota Mine • Obama Administration Moves to Block Mining Near Yellowstone • That First Nugget • The Perfect Response • MMAC Update • Melman on Gold & Silver • Mineral & Metal Prices
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