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December 2014 (Vol. 84, No. 4)

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Recent News
12/13/2014 Significant progress made in court for California suction gold dredgers; still more work to be done  full story...
12/08/2014 Oregon: Most gold dredging would be banned under new proposed guidelines (Mail Tribune)  full story...
12/08/2014 PLP requesting miners to show support at December 12 suction gold dredge hearing  full story...
12/08/2014 Another proposed Mineral Withdrawal -- Trinity River area, northern California  full story...
12/05/2014 December magazines delayed by US Postal Service  full story...
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 Hundreds Rally in Support of PLP Octoberfest Fundraiser
 Legislative and Regulatory Update
 What Can I Do to Save My Mining Rights?
 Legislative and Regulatory Update
 Wake Up Voters! Oregon SB 838 Study Group Update
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Featured Article from the December 2014 (Vol. 84, No. 4)
...more folks rolled in on Saturday morning and many were eager to venture out onto the Sleepy Bear property—all 415 acres—and try their luck at finding some gold.

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December 2014 (Vol. 84, No. 4) The Bawl Mill • Legislative Update: Court says ESA does not apply in some cases; Comments needed for proposed critical habitat in several Western states; EPA still trying to rewrite the Clean Water Act; Enough already!; Now is the time to act • Ask The Experts • Uncovering the Find of a Lifetime • Suction Dredging Battle Escalates • Guinea Africa: Gold, Ebola, and a Monkey Barbeque (Conclusion) • Finding Gold in Tailing Piles • Hundreds Rally in Support of PLP Octoberfest Fundraiser • Small-Scale Processing of Hard Rock Ores • 2014 Index - Annual Tables of Content • Why Did This Silver Mine Close Pt III • Get the Lead Out! • Melman on Gold & Silver • Mining Stock Quotes • Mineral & Metal Prices
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November 2014 (Vol. 84, No. 3) Bawl Mill • Leg Update: Big win by a California suction gold dredger; Administration locks up another popular gold mining area; BLM creates de facto wilderness without Congressional approval • What Can I Do to Save My Mining Rights? • Gemstones to Die For • The Dredge Report • Guinea Africa: Gold, Ebola, and a Monkey Barbecue • Geobotony: Plants Associated With Mineral Deposits • The Hunt for Remote Canyon Gold • Why Did This Silver Mine Close Pt II • A Golden Summer • California and US National Panning Championships • Melman on Gold & Silver • Mining Stock Quotes • Mineral & Metal Prices
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October 2014 (Vol. 84, No. 2) Bawl Mill • Leg Update: California Dredging Update; Study; Sage grouse does not need protection; Tennessee enacts harsh new gold prospecting regulations • Ask The Experts • Ganes Creek After The Flood • Wake Up Voters! Oregon SB 838 Study Group Update • Operation and Application of Magnetometers • A Trip to Morgan-Monroe State Forest of Indiana • The Pedro Gold Dredge • Detecting Alone--What to Look For • Over The Divide: John A Miscovich • What Equipment Do I Need? • Why Did This Silver Mine Close? • Effort Saves Gold Mountain Mine Mill Frame • Melman on Gold & Silver • Mining Stock Quotes • Mineral & Metal Prices
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