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Legislative and Regulatory Update - August 2008 (Vol. 77, No. 12)
Legislative and Regulatory Update
by Scott Harn

PLP letterAs mentioned in last month’s column, California Assemblywoman Lois Wolk attached a rider to the pending budget bill. The rider calls for a new study (Environmental Impact Report) on the effects of suction gold dredging, funding for the study, and a two-year moratorium on suction dredging while the study is being completed.

Wolk’s last attempt to put an end to suction dredging was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger after several thousand dredgers sent in comment letters, so she is trying another route.

Jerry Hobbs, president of Public Lands for the People, provided us a copy of the letter his organization sent to Governor Schwarzenegger to encourage another veto. Please take a moment to send your own constructive comments to the governor’s office. 

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